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One of the most impactful elements of Musclebound Mama is the unwavering support of our exclusive Facebook community. Creating lasting change requires vulnerability and that is not easy. One of the ways we strive to make this leg of the journey easier for you is by providing a safe, nurturing environment to help you navigate through the often painful process of change. Our Musclebound Mama Ambassadors have been selected for their incredible enthusiasm, compassion, and bravery in undergoing their own personal transformations. They have each been Musclebound Mama clients in the past and know what it’s like to be in your shoes and are committed to helping you reach your goals.

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Meet Our Ambassadors

Liz McPhee

Liz has been written about many times in our blog. This amazing mama lost 100lbs in one year – how amazing is that?! In addition to being committed to changing her lifestyle for herself and her family, Liz has been an inspiration not only to our clients but to me, personally. That’s why Liz was asked to be Ambassador!

Liz's Story

I spent most of my adult life being overweight and struggled with the low-self esteem that often goes along with that. I tried almost every diet and weight loss program that I came across, and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t make anything “stick”.  A friend told me about her success with Sophie and once I was ready to listen, I decided to sign up for a Musclebound Mama Challenge.

Joining this Challenge honestly changed life! Those 8 weeks taught me to re-evaluate the way I look at food and my relationship with it.  By the end of the challenge, I was amazed and proud of the changes I had seen in myself and knew I wanted to keep moving forward.  I signed up for the one-on-one coaching the day the challenge ended. Since then, I’ve continued to learn so much about what I am capable of, and how to challenge myself mentally and physically. Sophie has shown me how to combat shame and feeling deprived, and how important it is to take time for myself and my needs.

I am a mom of two amazing kids, and I’m happy to be helping them develop their own healthy relationships with food. I live in rural Ottawa and run a home daycare,  and love the challenges and rewards of helping little people grow and learn.

By stepping out of my comfort zone, I’ve found a love for kayaking, hiking, and have started running.  Until I started trying new things and saying “yes”, I didn’t realize how much of life I was missing out on.

Lindsay Melville

Lindsay was identified as a leader early on in the 60-Day Transformation Challenge she joined. It’s not that she didn’t stumble or struggle – it’s that she got right back up again, ditched the self-deprecation, and just kept her eyes on the road. Her enthusiasm and support of her teammates was a key to her success and the reason we are thrilled to have her as an Ambassador.

Lindsay's Story

I kept seeing posts about Musclebound Mama all over Facebook. After years of not liking myself and being at war with my body and brain, I decided to do the April 2018 Challenge. Needless to say, it was kind of lifesaving. I went from 203lbs to 180lbs and continued to lose after the challenge. I learned so much from this adventure the main one being how to eat properly (something I had never really done my whole life). But I also learned throughout the process to like myself again. To be in my body and not feel uncomfortable around others and hide.

Now I have more energy, work out a few times a week, try to eat healthy (sometimes I eat like an asshole but always bounce back) and most importantly my self-worth has come back and anxiety decreased. I would not change this experience for anything. I love when people ask what my secret is and I say, Sophie and team! She gave us the tools to do this on our own. I felt like a community with the team in the challenge and loved the back and forth with writing out our feelings on the wall so you don’t feel so alone. A big part of my success is realizing that there were so many people going through this transformation at the same time.

I now love to make plans with my friends and go out more. I love to read and visit my family in Vermont! I enjoy trying to beat my records for my long walks and feel more energized after them. In all life is great (always has been I just can see it now).

I love when people ask what my secret is and I say, Sophie and team!

I was born and raised in Ottawa and have family all around the Ottawa Valley. I recently purchased a house on my own in Arnprior and am five minutes away from my grandparents which I love! (My grandma is the best baker) I work for the Ottawa Hospital in the parking department and I love it. The days are sometimes challenging, as the fanbase for parking is small, but it is so rewarding. Being able to help others when they are having a hard time is something I take great responsibility for. During my downtime, I have a small side business for baking. I love baking and find great relaxation in the process for baking!

Kimberly Crackel

Kim was a recent SUMMER Body in 60 participant. It was a pretty tight race, but while Kim didn’t take first place, her attitude and commitment to change was so encouraging that I asked her to join us as an Ambassador. For the entire challenge Kim was upbeat and positive, and among the first to encourage her teammates. It was an easy choice.

Kimberly's Story

I’ve always thought about my weight. At times, I’ve had a pretty healthy relationship with it. At others, it’s been downright miserable. I’d previously been following another nutrition program and just wasn’t getting the results I’d been hoping for. I’d stalled. Again.

Over the May long weekend, I was visiting a friend who lived in Ottawa and she looked amazing! She then introduced me to Sophie’s challenges. All the stars lined up. I just squeaked into her Summer Body in 60 Challenge. The best part? I was successful. Sophie’s program gave me what I had been missing in all (and there were lots) of my weight loss attempts. She taught me how to eat. To make sure I was getting the right combinations of food for me. To not look at missteps as an excuse to give up but rather to learn from them and figure out why I made those choices.

This journey continues for me. I have 2 wonderful children – almost 3 and almost 6. I want to be the best example for them. I want them both to have healthy relationships with food. I have an amazing husband, I want to be healthy and around for a long time to be with him.

Currently, I work as an event planner at Conestoga College. I love my job and being around the students. They really see amazing bunch! I grew up in New Brunswick, went to school in Ontario, moved to Calgary then have been back in Ontario since 2008. Besides hanging with the fam, I’m an avid reader (my goal is one book a week and I’m always up for recommendations), love travelling and enjoying a great glass of red wine.

Shawna Abbotts

Shawna has been a 60-DAY CHALLENGE participant in the past. She was always so enthusiastic and encouraging that I knew she’d be a great fit for this amazing team. Shawna brings with her, experience in working on the emotional component to the fat loss  & wellness process which makes her an incredible asset to this group.

Shawna's Story

I met Sophie at the gym and I was in awe of her the moment I saw her. She was so fit and so healthy, and I quickly learned all about her, her business and what she had to offer me. I went into my first challenge in September 2015. I loved it and I went from 217lbs to 195lbs in 8-weeks so moving over as a 1:1 client was a no brainer. I loved the program and flourished in it. I continued with her for 18 months and got down to 170 but as well as things were going I wasn’t satisfied I wanted to lose more and more and it was never fast enough.

Sophie quickly identified that there was some emotional work that needed to be done and she encouraged me to work with someone who could help me. She asked me to take another journey and that was to start facing my emotional health and well being.  I learned that this transformation was the hardest one but I was determined to be happy with myself for who I was and not what I was. I wanted to be happy with myself DURING the physical transformation not just at the end.

With the 6 months of therapy (just the beginning I’m sure) and 30 pounds gained I was ready to do this again, properly this time. So, I signed up for the latest challenge in September 2017, and now 15 pounds down and loving myself for all the wonderful things that I am despite what the scale says. I am nowhere near finished this journey and I’m continuing my way day by day. My entire life up till now has been about weight and I’ve missed out on so much it’s time to reclaim my life!

I love supporting everyone and offering others a chance to make significant changes with mind, body, and food!   Never have I loved a program more than this one. So happy my path once crossed with Musclebound Mama.

Courtney Trevis

Courtney participated in a Lifetime Resolution challenge in 2016 and then continued with 1:1 coaching to lose over 40 lbs. After that, she never looked back. She has maintained that weight loss for a year on her own (without coaching) and now she’s back as an Ambassador. Her commitment to having it all – living life to the fullest while being mindful about her eating habits – is an inspiration.

Courtney's Story

My story isn’t different from many women. I had been overweight most of my adult life and was always looking for the magic secret to weight loss and healthy body composition.


I came to Sophie after years of experimenting with diets. I didn’t understand why I was overweight. I was eating healthy things and was moderately active, so what gives!? Then, at my wit’s end, I tried all the fad diets – cleanses, low calorie, high fat, paleo. You name it. These diets left me with no understanding of a balanced lifestyle. I went through periods of isolating myself when I was “on plan”; convinced that I couldn’t be social when my diet was so restricted. As a result, I was prone to falling off the wagon, binging on a box of crackers and then feeling so shameful that it took me days to come out of that hole. It was all or nothing and I felt so lost with all of the information out there.


Sophie guided me through the process of fat loss and encouraged me to be more mindful about my habits. She helped me identify triggers that I didn’t know I had. She gave me the physical AND mental tools to reach my goals while still enjoying life. She helped me reduce my tendency to demonize of food – a process that is ongoing and is getting better with constant practice. She showed me that I can indulge (reasonably) and stay on track. It wasn’t all or nothing and I didn’t have to choose macro compliance over making memories with my friends and family. I have made significant process in dealing with shame and guilt while working with Sophie. Lessons that I look forward to sharing with others!

I’m a career-driven busy mom and wife of a shift worker. Self-care and balance are hard for me (as it is for most). But I have a whole new perspective thanks to Sophie.