Fat loss is quite simply, math. However, it doesn’t end there. We all know that eating whole foods is the way to wellness but very few people have the desire, interest, or lifestyle to eat whole foods for each meal of every day. If sustaining your weight loss and wellness is your goal, you’ll need to learn to eat the foods you love in a way that supports your goals – whatever they may be.

What is the DIY program?

The DIY Program gives you the structure you need to plan your meals and meet your goals. Based on our analysis of your intake data, we’ll build your daily totals and input them into your MyFitnessPal account so you can begin planning your meals to meet your targets and body composition goals.

MBM DIY Program 2
MBM DIY Program

What’s included?

  • Your targets will be determined based on your questionnaire and entered into your MFP account.
  • Your settings will be adjusted for ease of tracking.
  • One-week access to our 1:1 coaching group and our database of resources and videos to answer any questions you might have about tracking and choosing foods to meet your goals.
  • A How-To Guide that explains the process of tracking macros and how to eat for your goals.

Now only $100 one-time fee through PayPal