Nutrition + Fitness Coaching

What is MBM Fitness + Nutrition Coaching?

We are inundated with erroneous, outdated and downright dangerous nutrition information on a constant basis. Even some of our favourite celebrities are promoting shakes, diets, wraps and systems that are designed not for our wellbeing but to line their pockets. Certainly, these systems might offer short-term results to a select few but certainly not sustainable results for the average person. In fact, most diets promote a pattern of binge/restrict behaviour that does damage to the metabolism over time and makes it even harder to lose body fat, even with restricted calories.

The Musclebound Mama Fitness + Nutrition Coaching program is a subscription based service that you may join for as long as you like with no minimum subscription and you can cancel at any time. You’ll learn how to incorporate the foods you love into your daily targets, in a way that supports your goals using a process called reverse dieting. This process allows us to start your calories at your base metabolic rate and increase them slowly and specifically while your metabolism adjusts and your body re-learns how to tap into stored body fat for fuel.

In addition to this, we will build you a custom progressive resistance training program every 12-20 weeks and teach you how to fine-tune your nutrition for your training to accelerate your body composition progress. This program is for clients who have a gym membership and are prepared to commit to training a minimum of 3 days per week. Your program will be progressive which means you can use this program at any fitness level.

Your body will perform better, shed the stored body fat you’ve been trying to get rid of for years, and you’ll feel better.

MBM Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

How does it work?

  • Your calorie and macronutrient targets are set for you in an app
  • You join the exclusive Musclebound Mama Facebook community which contains the necessary resources to get you planning your meals in addition to round-the-clock support from our amazing Ambassadors
  • Your food logs are reviewed weekly and feedback is given based on those logs so you can improve the following week
  • Weigh-in weekly for your calorie/macronutrient adjustment
  • Adjustments are made until your goal is reached
  • Weekly videos discussing common issues and how to overcome them
  • New resistance training programs are built for you every 12-20 weeks
  • Tailored nutrition instruction to fuel for your training

Why does it work?

  • We don’t demonize foods – choose the foods you love to meet your targets
  • No calorie restriction – reverse dieting involves increasing calories while losing fat, not decreasing.
  • No meal plans – you learn how to plan your own meals using foods you enjoy following the structure provided for you based on your goals
  • No gimmicks – there are no shakes, pills, or wraps involved
  • Musclebound Mama’s support community is unmatched – it’s a safe place to learn the skills you need to develop a better relationship with yourself and food – for life