One of theĀ  most valuable components of Musclebound Mama is the incredible community it provides. It’s also the part of coaching our clients miss the most when they head off into the world on their own with their new skills. Well, now, they don’t have to leave the community when they’ve reached their goal, and YOU can join the community even if not a coaching client.

What’s so special about the MBM Community?

Musclebound Mama is a body-positive, shame-free community of women with common goals and backgrounds. Whether your goal is to change your body composition or your relationship with food, you will be surrounded by women to walk that path with you. You’ll also have access to our incredible MBM Ambassadors, and tools & resources to help you reach your goals.

MBM DIY Program 2
MBM DIY Program

What’s included?

  • A body-positive, shame-free, community of women with similiar goals, monitored by a coach.
  • Access to continuous support from our amazing MBM Ambassadors.
  • Weekly live coaching videos.
  • Monthy challenges that focus on a variety of health & fitness topics.
  • A catalogue of do-anywhere body-weight workouts.
  • Access to tools & resources to help you along your journey.

Join the Community!