Luck – There is No Such Thing

Luck – There is No Such Thing

I did not want this workout. At all.


It took me about an hour to convince myself to head downstairs to the gym to get this done. Like, my gym is IN my house and still took convincing to get my butt down there. I remember when I was a competitive powerlifter and at the gym at 5 am, four days a week – I used to say “If I had a gym in my house I would be down there every day!” (If you’re saying that to yourself I can assure you that is false)


There is this assumption that motivation is something you’re either born with or you’re not. Nothing could be further from the truth. You see, motivation comes from momentum. The more we do something, the more competent we feel and the more we want to do that thing that makes us feel competent. There is no magic.


When we take an extended break from something we lose momentum. I took a break from training when my now 3-year-old was born because her birth had such a dramatic impact on my body. Thirty-seven vaginal stitches. You read that right. Then, there was the lack of sleep that comes with having an infant and the constantly full breasts that were always on the verge of explosion. When we take a break from exercise for any reason – to recover from childbirth – to take care of family – to take an extended vacation – it’s even harder to return.


After I had my daughter I encountered my new physical limitations courtesy of natural childbirth after 40, then my husband continued his education while working full-time, then my eldest child was navigating difficulties with his peers and mental health, then my depression, and then, and then, and then. You get the point. I feel you, mama. I am you.


So, here I am, building that momentum again with a very important message. Please don’t measure your motivation against someone else’s. You don’t know how long it took them to get to the place they are now, where you consider them “lucky” that it “comes so easily to them”. I promise you it isn’t as it appears. I was one of the “lucky ones” before my daughter was born, too.


What can you do today that will move you a step closer to where you want to be – to where you’ll feel “lucky”, too? Let’s do it!