Muscle Bound Treats Cookbook

Muscle Bound Treats Cookbook


Muscle Bound Treats: High Protein Treats for the Fitness Enthusiast contains 25 high protein treat recipes that can be eaten in any meal plan. The recipes contain no artificial sweeteners, most are school-friendly and all contain healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in balanced ratios. No sugar, no hydrogenated oils. All food!



Here’s an outline of the 54 page book:

Introduction: My Story, Why I Wrote This Book, and What Are Macronutrients

Chapter ONE: Cookies

Chapter TWO: Muscle Balls

Chapter THREE: Protein Bars

Helpful Information: Protein Powder, Fats, and Helpful Tips

Many of the recipes are no-bake, and all have been kid-approved by my own mini-critic. If you are looking for treats to FUEL your body and the ones you love – this is for you.