Should I Quit Me?

Should I Quit Me?

One of the most common ways clients begin working with MBM is the 60-Day Transformation Challenge. Basically, it’s an 8-week, structured program, that focuses on weekly goals with daily meal planning and target hitting, in an emotionally safe and fun community full of like-minded women. Clients typically lose anywhere from 10 to 40lbs in this 8-week period and while there is no real competitive focus, most women enjoy the “race” to the scale to see how much fat they lose from week-to-week because it is directly related to their effort.


This client (who permitted me to share her experience) found that since the Challenge ended, she struggled to continue to make herself a priority. In fact, in the past 2 months, since the Challenge ended, she has gained and lost the same 2lbs week after week. Each week her feedback was to spend a little more time fine-tuning her logs and preparing for success in advance rather than eating “reactively” THEN logging it. Last week I sent her a screenshot of her chart. Every week my review notes were “didn’t plan in advance”, “little effort”, “over calories on the weekend”, “didn’t log the weekend”, and beside those notes were her weigh-ins. No change, little change, or gains.


In response, she asked me “Should I just quit this”?



So, I replied with:


“I think the more important way to pose your question is this:

Take ” should I quit this?”


and replace it with:

“should I quit me?”


What do you think now?”


Her reply took a few days which tells me she had a lot of thinking to do. Her response was more than I hoped for. She saw her pattern and she said NOPE. Here is her reply:


“I wanted to let you know how I got back on track … asking myself “should I quit me” really assisted me in getting re-focused. After I read that email — I logged into the app and went through my “frequent and recent foods” and added everything I would have liked to have eaten for that meal and day – then I went through each meal and made modifications and even moved stuff to different days – meaning if I wanted mashed potatoes with dinner, it meant I couldn’t have an Oikos yoghurt or waffles that day — but I could the next…or even the next. I worked in some pasta and cookies! Logged it and made it work! HAD TWO cookies, not 4 or 6.  TWO. I brought my thought process back to the challenge.   I asked myself, why in 8 weeks during the challenge could I lose 10lbs but not within the support group?  Sloppy logs and no effort – that’s why!”


The truth of the matter is that we all come with habits and a pre-established (by us and our upbringing) relationship with food. Weight loss can come from just following a plan – but the moment that “plan” ends, without effort on the habits themselves, the weight comes back. This was this client’s experience. This is also the experience of 98% of the dieting community.


The real magic happens when we do the work on those habits and that relationship with food – but, if you do not LOOK at those habits with clarity and without judgement, you simply cannot change them. Not to the depth required to replace them with new habits.


Success is never an accident. So, go plan for it!